Team Results

There was a range of racing last weekend seeing the team at Pickering Brook for the WCMCC club race and also the WACX Numbat Cup Round at Edgewater Quarry.  

It was great to see Simon Chester return to the race scene with a 2nd in B Grade. There was an unfortunate incident that saw Keith Winch crash resulting in 12 stitches to his knee. So we wish Keith a speedy recovery in the coming weeks.

The WACX Round saw Ben Lewis and Ian Trayler line up for Masters with both guys having a great race and Ben taking the win.

Roger lined up for the Elite field but the race was done on lap 1 with an average start and then having some of the course bunting wedge in the front brake rotor and caliper causing the wheel to lock

Event Results - 10 July 2016
Club Race

Graded Scratch at Pickering Brook

Low numbers for what turned out to be a lovely day
WCMCC Road Season 2016 Points
A Grade: A 76k (10L)B Grade: B 68k (9L)   
in2h 00m 13s37.9 
1Luke Pledger(15)kit
2Thomas Perry(7)kit
3Jon Gregg(21)kit
4Christian Singleton(20)kit
5John Sonego(18)kit
6Paul Miller(9) 
7Ciaran O'Kane(4) 
+0m 07s  
8Mathew Upton(5)kit
+0m 14s  
9Paul Mackay(2)kit
+0m 29s  
10David Sumich(8) 
+1m 18s  
11Ian Gregory(12)kit
+8m 13s  
12Adam Feilding(19)kit
13Wayne Thomson(1)kit
DNFBernie Swart(6)kit
DNFMartin Depiazzi(11)kit
DNFMatthew Swan(16) 
DNFPatrick Hayburn(17)kit
in2h 04m 07s33.1 
1Danny Stienen(51)kit
2Simon Chester(57)kit
3Garry Horsfield(54)kit
+0m 10s  
4Paul Chartres(53) 
+3m 07s  
5John Liso(59) 
DNFKeith Winch(52)kit
DNFMaurice Berger(55)kit
DNFMerv Byfield(56)kit
DNFRory Murray(58)